Introduction of KOCO

Support without condition, learning from each other in solidarity


(Korea Committee For Overseas Community Organization)

KOCO has been established in 17th July in 2012 by contribution of Korean CO organization and international development NGOs.

Background of KOCO

CO(Community Organization) tells possibility of community change by people power. CO theory from Saul D. Alinsky(1909~1972) has participated in poor people’s life throughout organizing urban poor, peasant, laborer in Asia such as India, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Korea.
Korean CO had been in Asian solidarity with LOCOA(Leaders and Organizers of Community Organization in Asia) so far but now KOCO(Korean Committee for Overseas Community Organization) upholds and promotes the history and experience of Asian CO solidarity.

Vision of KOCO

○ Overseas fieldwork program for promoting people’s possibility
○ Training program for promoting activist’s possibility

Aim of KOCO

Education & Training
○ We train organizer and trainer in overseas fieldwork
○ We develop training manual and material in overseas fieldwork
○ We build training system in overseas fieldwork
Action & Growth
○ We dispatch organizer to overseas fieldwork
○ We train people’s leadership in overseas fieldwork
○ We support CO in overseas fieldwork
Solidarity & Cooperation
○ We develop study & exchange program in overseas CO
○ We promote solidarity model between countries, communities, organizations.
○ We carry out information exchange & joint action between CO of Philippines, India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thai, Myanmar fieldwork

E-Mail :     Tel : 82 – 2 – 2038 – 8232